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7 DFS Stats for Week 10

Statistically Speaking 7 DFS Stats for Week 10

So it is week 10 which means that hope is still alive for those of us playing DFS (and some of us playing in our fantasy leagues). And it is always important to stay on top of the stats….

So here are seven stats to keep in mind for week 10:

1. There are TWO games that have an over/under of more than 50 points.

2. Arizona Cardinals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers o/u 52.5 with the Buccaneers a 4.5-point favorite.

3. Arizona’s defense is 29th against the pass giving up an average of 280.7 passing yards per game.

  • The Cardinals defense is notoriously weak against tight ends giving up 810 yards and 9 touchdowns to tight ends so far this season.

  • Jameis Winston: 16 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 7 fumbles and 30 sacks…week 9 v Seattle Seahawks= 29-of-44, 335 yards 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 2 sacks.

  • Chris Godwin snaps counts last three weeks= 96%, 99% and 96 %; week 9 Godwin on the field 96% offensive snaps targeted 9 times for 7 receptions, 61 yards.

  • Mike Evans snap counts last three weeks= 91%, 92% and 86%; week 9 Evans on the field 86% offensive snaps targeted 16 times for 12 receptions, 180 yards and 1 TD.

  • OJ Howard has been injured and not on field last two weeks the week before he was in for 75% offensive snaps...

  • Cameron Brate snap counts= he was at 38% when Howard was healthy, 66% and 14% last week.

  • Anthony Auclair snap counts last three weeks= 10%, 42% and 57%.

  • Auclair on the field for 57% offensive snaps in week 9, targeted 2 times for1 reception and 11 yards.

4. Arizona’s defense is 23rd against the run giving up an average of 126.9 yards per game

  • Ronald Jones II has taken over as primary running back. Last week he was on the field for 53% of the offensive snaps, that is an increase of 26% from the previous week.

  • Peyton Barber saw his snap counts decrease from 35% week eight to 14% in week nine.

  • Dare Ogubowale also saw a decrease in snap counts from 33% in week eight to 27% in week nine.

5. Tampa Bay’s defense is 32nd against the pass giving up 293.5 passing yards per game on average

  • Kyler Murray: 9 touchdowns, 4 interceptions 1 fumble and 29 sacks…he has 2 rushing touchdowns.

  • Larry Fitzgerald on the field for 80% offensive snaps week 8 and 95% offensive snaps week 9.

  • Christian Kirk on the field for 86% offensive snaps week 8 and 96% offensive snaps week 9.

6. Tampa Bay’s defense is 1st against the run yielding an average of 78.1 yards per game

  • David Johnson is back.

7. Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints has an over/under 51.5 with Saints a 13.5-point favorite

  • The Falcons come into the game off a bye week.

  • Matt Ryan is scheduled to play albeit hobbled.

  • The Falcons are 23rd versus the pass; 21st versus the run; and 30th in points allowed per game.

  • Mohamad Sanu is gone. Week 8 without Sanu, Calvin Ridley’s snap count went from 65% in week 7 to 80% in week 8; Russell Gage’s snap count went from 20% in week 7 to 59% week 8.

  • Gage saw the second most targets in week 8. He was targeted 9 times for 7 receptions and 58 yards.

  • Tight end Austin Hooper is on the field for no less that 77% of the offensive snaps this season. The 77% was his lowest ant that was in week 6. Hooper has been targeted 62 times for 52 receptions and five touchdowns.

  • Alvin Kamara is scheduled to play.


  • Mike Thomas is coming in as the highest owned player in draft kings with 30.7 % according to projections.

  • Alvin Kamara 23.9% owned.

  • Chris Godwin 22.2% owned (better against zones).

  • Mike Evans 22.2% owned (better against man coverage).

  • Ronald Jones II 19.5% owned.

  • Christian Kirk 18. % owned.

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