• Gladys Louise Tyler

DFS Stats for Your Week 14 DraftKings Play

Oh week 12/13 how you vex me so. Here is the winning lineup from DraftKings NFL $1.1M Play-Action.

  • Week 12 Total Points 249.48

  • Week 13 Total Points 237.10

Quarterback: Baker Mayfield v Miami Dolphins 27.58 points, drafted 15.04% Quarterback: Carson Wentz v Miami Dolphins 28.40 points, 7.20% drafted

Running back: Derrick Henry v Jacksonville Jaguars 32.50 points, drafted 30.19% Running Back: Christian McCaffrey v Washington 17.20 points, 37% drafted

Running back: Bo Scarbrough v Washington 8.80 points, drafted 15.51% Running Back: Miles Sanders v Miami 21.50 points, 26.18% drafted

Wide receiver: Jarvis Landry v Miami Dolphins 39.80 points, drafted 12.48% Wide receiver: Davante Parker v Philadelphia 37.90 points, 12.38% drafted

Wide receiver: DJ Moore v New Orleans Saints 34.40 points, drafted 4.73% Wide receiver: Robert Woods v Arizona 33.20 points, 7.80% drafted

Wide receiver: Chris Godwin v Atlanta Falcons 40.40 points, drafted 8.60% Wide receiver: Alshon Jeffery v Miami 31.70 points, 15.33% drafted

Tight end: Zac Ertz v Seattle Seahawks 27.10 points, drafted 12.35% Tight end: Tyler Higbee v Arizona 26.70 points, 18.79% drafted

Flex: Jared Cook v Carolina Panthers 21.90 points, drafted 3.77% Flex: Todd Gurley v Arizona 18.50 points, 5.25% drafted

Defense: Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles 17.00 points, drafted 4.87% Defense: Chiefs v Oakland 22.00 points, 5.44% drafted

There are no more BYE WEEKS this week you are playing with three less teams if you play DraftKings NFL $1M or $3M Fantasy Football Millionaire because of the Thanksgiving Day games. Now you have a pick of teams…bye weeks bye…bye…bye.

Lineup Analysis week 12

This was an exceedingly good lineup. Their “contrarian plays” hit: Cook, Moore and Seahawks defense, while their chalk play Henry also hit. The only “dud” was Scarbrough who was drafted in 15.51% of the lineups submitted.

Lineup Analysis week 13

  • One player underperformed and that was running back McCaffrey who was chalk. Lesson? Playing chalk who underperform isn’t going to hurt your lineup (McCaffrey and Scarbrough) as much as playing your “secret weapon” (Woods and Jared Cook) over perform. You want to find the player who has the best match-up that very few will play. (I know easier said than done but as you see it can be done).

  • Notice in the last two weeks the quarterbacks were those playing against the Miami Dolphins: week 14 that would be New York Jets Sam Darnold.

  • Running backs are important but notice that in both weeks the running backs in both times underperformed the wide receivers. Yes, there are three wide receivers and two running backs (unless you pick a running back in your flex---more on that) But in DraftKings specifically go for that one “sure hit” running back but then go for the running back who isn’t costing you an arm and a leg. Carolina Panthers 29th against the rush v Atlanta Falcons Kansas City Chiefs 30th against the rush v New England Patriots Miami Dolphins 31st against the rush v New York Jets Cincinnati Bengals 32nd against the rush v Cleveland Browns

  • Wide receivers are important in DraftKings because of their PPR format. They give 1 point per reception.Defenses giving up the most fantasy points versus wide receivers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers giving up an average 31.3 fantasy points and 48.8 DraftKing points/game v. Indianapolis Colts New York Giants giving up an average 28.4 fantasy points and 43.9 DraftKing points/game v. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles giving up an average 27.4 fantasy points and 41.2 DraftKing points/game v. New York Giants Miami Dolphins giving up an average 26.6 fantasy points and 39.4 DraftKing points/game v. New York Jets Arizona Cardinals giving up an average 25.4 fantasy points per game and 42.0 DraftKing points/game v. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Tight ends are pretty much an afterthought, but if you can hit on a tight end that just puts you ahead. Defenses you want to play a tight end against because they suck against tight ends: Arizona Cardinals giving up 13 touchdowns to the tight end position. Tight ends are averaging 14.4 fantasy points, 21.9 DraftKing points/game v. Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Buccaneers giving up 7 touchdowns to the tight end position. Tight ends are averaging 10.1 fantasy points, 16.0 DraftKing points/game v. Indianapolis Colts Green Bay Packers giving up 6 touchdowns to tight ends. Tight ends are averaging 9.7 fantasy points, 16.0 DraftKings points/game v. Washington Oakland Raiders giving up 8 touchdowns to tight ends. Tight ends are averaging 9.6 fantasy points, 14.5 DraftKings points/game v Tennessee Titans Kansas City Chiefs giving up 4 touchdowns to tight ends. Tight ends are averaging 8.8 fantasy points and 15.8 DraftKing points/game v. New England Patriots

  • FLEX position: You can play a running back, wide receiver or tight end in the flex position. If you go running back, find one that is also targeted in the run game. Remember DraftKing gives points per reception (okay one point per reception) but that is still one point more you can be getting in your flex position.

  • Defenses: There are offenses that are having a rough time…target them (DUH! Right?)

  • NOTES: 1. Keep an eye on injuries and position changes. 2. Pay attention to weather conditions…wind is more of a detriment that rain or snow (unless it is a dome or warm weather team going to snow: this week the Dolphins are going to New York, Dallas is playing in Chicago) 3. Trends are important---even now. Teams that are playing to make the playoffs are important. Teams that believe they can still make the playoffs are important.

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