• Gladys Louise Tyler

Week 15 DFS Stats for Your DraftKing Play

Um… hello Drew Brees/Jameis Winston and your offensive domination!!! Here is the lineup for the winning DraftKings NFL $1M Play-Action

  • Quarterback: Jameis Winston 40.74 points v Indianapolis, salary $6400, drafted by 4.68%

  • Running back: Aaron Jones 34.20 points v Washington, salary $6700, drafted by 13.04%

  • Running back: Joe Mixon 30.60 points v Cleveland, salary $5800, drafted by 3.20%

  • Wide receiver: Michael Thomas 33.40 points v San Francisco 49ers, salary $8300, drafted by 8.37%

  • Wide receiver: AJ Brown 36.60 points v Oakland Raiders, salary $5300, drafted by 6.22%

  • Wide receiver: Diontae Johnson 25.60 points v Arizona Cardinals, salary $4300, drafted by 3.46%

  • Tight end: Ian Thomas 16.70 points v Atlanta Falcons, salary $2500, drafted by 9.91%

  • Flex: Derrick Henry 26.90 points v Oakland Raiders, salary $8200, drafted by 16.43%

  • Defense: Buccaneers 2.00 points v Indianapolis Colts, salary $2300, drafted by 8.61%


Okay, someone has to say it this line-up is frigging spectacular! Notice 1) the only player with double digit roster was his flex Henry. He was able to roster both Henry and Thomas by going with players with high ceilings due to their matchup with relatively low salaries. That’s it!


  1. Quarterback: Winston will always be a boom or bust play. And most are afraid to roster him because of that (as noted by his paltry 4.68%). Week 14 this game had the second highest over/under @ 47.5. The Colts passing defense was ranked 12th against the pass. It was a bold move that paid off. Week 15: The teams giving up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks: Arizona Cardinals v Baker Mayfield (Mayfield is the 19th ranked fantasy quarterback with 194.1 fantasy points) Oakland Raiders v Gardner Minshew II (Minshew is the 22nd ranked fantasy quarterback with 176.3 fantasy points) Miami Dolphins v Daniel Jones (Jones is the 23rd ranked fantasy quarterback with 176 fantasy points…or Eli Manning) Atlanta Falcons v Jimmy Garoppolo (Garoppolo is the 14th ranked fantasy quarterback with 223.5 fantasy points) Tampa Bay Buccaneers v David Blough (Blough has 28.5 fantasy points in his three starts) Houston Texans v Ryan Tannehill (Tannehill has 163.4 fantasy points since taking over for Marcus Mariota)

  2. Wide receivers: Many avoided Thomas because of the match-up. The 49ers defense entered the game 1st against the pass. But Thomas has been the number one wide receiver in fantasy averaging 14.1 fantasy points per game. He is also projected to be the highest wide receiver in DraftKings. Johnson and Brown were both high ceiling (Johnson because of the matchup and absence of Smith -Schuster) and Brown because of his previous outings and emergence of Ryan Tannehill. Week 15: The teams giving up the most fantasy points to wide receivers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kenny Golladay (Golladay is the 4th best fantasy wide receiver with 158.8 fantasy points) Philadelphia Eagles v Terry McLaurin (McLaurin is the 28th best fantasy wide receiver with 106.3 fantasy points) New Orleans Saints v Zach Pascal (Pascal is the 38th best fantasy wide receiver with 87.9 fantasy points) Miami Dolphins v Darius Slayton (Slayton is the 26th best fantasy wide receiver with 107.9 fantasy points) New York Giants v Devante Parker (Parker is the 20th best fantasy wide receiver with 124.2 fantasy points) Arizona Cardinals v Jarvis Landry (Landry is the 15th best fantasy wide receiver with 130.5 fantasy points)

  3. Running backs: Notice that he paired Henry with Brown (same team) it is an interesting strategy (mainly because it is unusual for both wide receiver and running back from the same team to both ball out) Mixon balled out against the 26th run defense. Week 15: The teams giving up the most fantasy points to running backs: Carolina Panthers v Chris Carson (Carson is the 10th best fantasy running back with 164.1 fantasy points) Jacksonville Jaguars v Josh Jacobs (Jacobs is the 11th best fantasy running back with 160.7 fantasy points) Kansas City Chiefs v Phillip Lindsay (Lindsay is the 14th best fantasy running back with 160.7 fantasy points) Detroit Lions v Ronald Jones II (Jones is the 29th best fantasy running back with 103.9 fantasy points) Green Bay Packers v David Montgomery (Montgomery is the 18th best fantasy running back with 117.3 fantasy points) Cincinnati Bengals v Sony Michel (Michel is the 25th best fantasy running back with 107 fantasy points)

  4. Tight end: Falcons defense is 26th against the pass and Greg Olsen was out in concussion protocol. The Falcons defense has given up 5 touchdowns to tight ends allowing an average 11.9 DraftKing points. Week 15: The teams giving up the most fantasy points to tight ends: Arizona Cardinals v David Njoku (Njoku is just returning from IR) Oakland Raiders v James O’Shaughnessy (O’Shaughnessy is the 42nd best with 27.3 fantasy points) Seattle Seahawks v Ian Thomas (Thomas is the 61st best with 14.5 fantasy points) Tampa Bay Buccaneers v (Jesse James is 70th best after taking over for TJ Hockenson) Green Bay Packers v Trey Burton (Burton is 72nd with 8.4 fantasy points) Tennessee Titans v Darren Fells (Fells is 9th with 73.2 fantasy points)




  1. Lamar Jackson, 355.5 fantasy points

  2. Deshaun Watson, 303 fantasy points

  3. Dak Prescott, 290.3 fantasy points

  4. Russell Wilson, 283 fantasy points

  5. Jameis Winston, 270 fantasy points


  1. Michael Thomas, 183.5 fantasy points

  2. Chris Godwin, 178 fantasy points

  3. Mike Evans-OUT IR

  4. Kenny Golladay, 158.8 fantasy points

  5. Amari Cooper, 153.4 fantasy points

  6. DeAndre Hopkins, 151.3 fantasy points


  1. Christian McCaffrey, 292.6 fantasy points

  2. Dalvin Cook, 235.1 fantasy points

  3. Derrick Henry, 228.8 fantasy points

  4. Aaron Jones, 208.4 fantasy points

  5. Ezekiel Elliott, 196.9 fantasy points


  1. Travis Kelce, 127.3 fantasy points

  2. Zach Ertz, 112.7 fantasy points

  3. Mark Andrews, 110.7 fantasy points

  4. Darren Waller, 104.5 fantasy points

  5. Austin Hooper, 102 fantasy points

  6. George Kittle, 100.9 fantasy points

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