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Week 8 Fantasy Stats for Each Game

Statistically Speaking Week 8 Fantasy Stats for Each Game

Last week had its share of statistical anomalies? Chase Edmonds running and scoring (and just an aside there are reports that the Cardinals are looking at free agent Jay Ajayi, so maybe David Johnson is hurt worse than thought?).

Adam Thielen’s injury isn’t “too serious”. And yes, Patrick Mahomes is still hurt, so the Madden curse is still alive and well.

But that was then, and this is now. Now two teams on bye Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens. And we need our fantasy stats for the week 8.

Washington v Minnesota, o/u 41.5, Minnesota 16-point favorite

  1. Not only is this game on Thursday but most likely the Vikings will be playing without Thielen (like they need him).

  2. Washington is 27th against the pass (134.4).

  3. Dalvin Cook is averaging 5.45 yards per carry. He has 725 yards on 133 attempts and 8 touchdowns.

Cincinnati Bengals v LA Rams, o/u 48.5, Rams 13.5-point favorite

  1. The Bengals are a dumpster fire. The Rams are getting their mojo back.

  2. The Bengals are 32nd against the run.

  3. Todd Gurley II rushed 18 times for 41 yards. Darrell Henderson rushed 11 times for 31 yards against Atlanta’s poor defense.

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints, o/u 48, Saints 9.5-point favorite

  1. Cardinals are on a two-game win streak. Saints and Teddy Bridgewater are on a five-game win streak.

  2. Cardinals defense is 25th against the pass (263.3) and 25th against the rush (129.1) and 28th in points allowed (27.4).

  3. Running back Alvin Kamara “hasn’t been ruled out” yet but is looking doubtful. Latavius Murray is next man up if Kamara is unable to play.

  4. Saints release running back Zach Zenner.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans, o/u 46.5, Titans are a 2.5-point favorite

  1. Will we get the “good” Jameis Winston or the “bad” Winston? Titans defense is 10th against the pass (232.9).

  2. Buccaneers defense is 32nd (304.5) against the pass and 1st (68.0) against the rush.

  3. Ryan Tannehill started his first game last week, he was 23-of-29 for 312 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and 2 sacks.

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts, o/u 44, Colts are a 6-point favorite

  1. The Broncos are a dumpster fire in fire sale mode? Rumors have them shopping wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (44 targets, 30 receptions 2 touchdowns).

  2. Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked nine times last week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Broncos offensive line is ranked 28th in the league in quarterback sack %.

  3. The Colts have seven sacks in the last two games. They are ninth in the league with a 7.41 defensive quarterback sack percentage.

*Broncos trade wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons, o/u 53.5, Seahawks are a 3.5-point favorite

  1. Speaking of dumpster fire and fire sale the Falcons have traded wide receiver Mohamed Sanu to the New England Patriots for a second-round draft pick.

  2. Falcons quarterback has an ankle sprain and his status is uncertain for week 8.

  3. The Falcons are averaging 68.4 rushing yards per game. That is 29th in the league. Seattle is averaging 127 rushing yards per game 12th in the league.

*Falcons trade wide receiver Mohamed Sanu

Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills, o/u 43, Bills are a 1.5-point favorite

  1. The Bills are 5-1. But their record has come against teams that are a combined 6-26.

  2. The Eagles are 27th against the pass (270.6). Last week against the Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott rushed 22 times for 111 yards and 1 touchdown. Amari Cooper was targeted five times for five receptions and 106 yards. However, Elliott was the most targeted with seven targets.

  3. The Bills struggled against the Miami Dolphins last week. Just let that settle in. Quarterback Josh Allen was 16-of-26 for 202 yards and two touchdowns. He targeted both John Brown and Cole Beasley six times. Brown had five receptions for 83 yards and one touchdown. Beasley had three receptions for 16 yards and one touchdown.

  4. Eagles release cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears, o/u 40.5, Bears are a 4.5 favorite

  1. Um, am I the only own who believes the Chargers were better without Melvin Gordon? The Chargers offense is 27th in rushing yards (74.3), but third in passing yards (293.4).

  2. The Bears offense is 29th in passing yards (193.7) and 28th in rushing yards (70.0). Head coach Matt Nagy has expressed the need to run the ball more.

  3. Last week Tarik Cohen rushed three times for 10 yards. David Montgomery rushed two times for six yards.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions, o/u 49.5, Lions are a 7-point favorite

  1. Lions running back Kerryon Johnson will miss “some time” with a knee injury according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Giants running back Saquon Barkley is back.

  2. Lions defense is 30th against the pass (289.5) and 28th against the rush (139.2). The Giants defense is 23rd against the pass (257.0) and 26th against the rush (131.4).

  3. Both defenses suck. Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has a 61.1 completion percentage. He has six touchdowns and seven interceptions. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has a 62.4 completion percentage. He has 13 touchdowns and three interceptions.

*Kerryon has been moved to IR

New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars, o/u 41.5, Jaguars are a 6-point favorite

  1. Will the ghosts follow Sam Darnold to Jacksonville?

  2. The Jaguars defense is 17th against the pass (243.9) and 21st against the rush (117.1)

  3. The Jets offense has rushed 124 times with a 3.2 rushing average. They have attempted 184 passes with 112 completions, with eight interceptions averaging 5.5 yards per pass.

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers, o/u 41, 49ers are a 5.5-point favorite

  1. The 49ers defense has allowed 10.7 points per game. The Panthers offense is averaging 27.7 points per game, fifth in the league.

  2. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has seven touchdowns with six interceptions. Carolina’s defense is 7th against the pass.

  3. 49ers defense is tied for seventh against the rush (90.0). Panthers Christian McCaffrey is averaging 4.87 rushing yards per attempt and 103.0 rushing yards per game. McCaffrey has also been targeted 44 times for 35 receptions.

*49ers acquire wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders

Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots, o/u 46.5, Patriots are a 13.5-point favorite

  1. Patriots defense is second against the pass (148.4), second against the rush (74.7), first in points allowed (6.9) and first in total yards allowed (223.1).

  2. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has a 56.6 completion percentage. He has five touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He has been sacked 16 times.

  3. The Patriots defense have allowed one passing touchdown and have 18 interceptions. They also have 26 sacks.

*Patriots acquire wide receiver Mohamed Sanu

Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans, o/u 51, Texans are a 6.5-point favorite

  1. The Texans defense is 29th against the pass (275.6). The Raiders defense is 31st against the pass (289.3).

  2. Raiders tight end Darren Waller leads team in targets with 50, he has 44 receptions for 485 yards.

  3. Texans wide receiver Will Fuller will miss “several weeks” with hamstring injury.

  4. Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been targeted 68 times for 49 receptions and three touchdowns.

  5. Kenny Stills has returned both he, Keke Coutee and running back Duke Johnson were targeted five times last week. Stills had four receptions for 105 yards; Coutee had three receptions for 25 yards; and Johnson had two receptions for 22 yards.

  6. Last week Texans defense allowed Eric Ebron 70 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs, o/u 48, Packers are a 4.5-point favorite

  1. Good Aaron Rodgers or better Rodgers? Chiefs defense is 9th against the pass (228.6) and 29th against the rush (148.9)

  2. The Chiefs will be playing without quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Packers defense is 21st against the pass (252.1) and 24th against the rush (128.9).

  3. Chiefs Matt Moore was 10-of-19 last week. He finished with 117 yards and one touchdown. His leading target was tight end Travis Kelce who had eight targets for six receptions and 44 yards.

Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers, o/u 43, Steelers area 14.5-point favorite

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 0-6 against the Steelers. He has lost by a total of 42 points. Also the Dolphins have not won a game this season.

  2. Dolphins defense is 22nd against the pass (256.5) and 31st against the rush (160.8). They are 32nd in points allowed (35.2) and 30th in total yards allowed (417.3).

  3. Quarterback Mason Rudolph will be back after the concussion he suffered in week five. While the receiving game is in disarray, the running game is still propelled by James Conner. Conner has 74 rushing attempts for three touchdowns and a 3.18 average. He also has 27 receiving targets for 26 receptions and two touchdowns.

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